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JOBfoundation at a glance

JOBfoundation is a new dynamic & innovative startup in the employment industry based in Vienna, Austria. We are locally focussed within an international scope. As recruiting and applying are important, complex and time-consuming jobs our goal is to provide our users tools that help them being more successful in their employment related tasks.

We provide solutions for:

  • Recruiters (employers / HR agencies)
    ... to do a top recruiting job to bring their company forward and to be even more successful.
  • Individuals (active & passive job seekers)
    ... to find and get the job that fits best to have the work life they deserve.


Characteristics of our solutions

Our solutions are designed with the following characteristics:

  • REDUCE COMPLEXITY: Tools have to be as easy to use as possible by achieving the same results. Our tools are heavily reduced to a small number of important features. Therefore no training is needed to use our tools. Simplifying interaction is the way to satisfying and exciting usage.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE & RESULTS: Though reduced, our features are about the most important tasks that are critical for being successful in your employment-related assignment.
  • SAVE TIME: In a highly competetive environment like today, time is one of the most important assets you have. With JOBfoundation you can fulfill your tasks in a fast way.
  • SAVE MONEY: We have free (esp. for individuals) and fee-based accounts. Our recruiting software is provided for a fair price and with flexible charging models.
  • HIGH STABILITY, SECURITY & PRIVACY: Your data is hosted at one of Europe's leading hosting providers, located in Germany. Every interaction with JOBfoundation is based on a 256Bit SSL connection. Germany has one of the strictest privacy protection laws in the world.


In addition to this we are dedicated to provide our users FULL SUPPORT as we just want them to be fully satisfied.


Finally some suggestions

  • For Recruiters: Have full & fast overview about process. Notify all applicants about their final status. Make it easy to apply (via email or simple and open apply form) to especially attract passive candiates. Evaluate all applicants in the same way - so your ratings for first and the latest applicants are equal. Have reports and statistics. After hiring move all sensitive data from the cloud to your local system. Save learnings and improve.
  • For Individuals: Never miss any job opportunity. Make it easy to store and access them. Know what you sent to whom when - for years. Keep track of open applications. Store contact details of interesting recruiters. Simplify the process by using tools.


Now it's up to you ...

See for yourself without any risk. Register a free job seeker-account or a free recruiter-account and explore your possibilites.

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